Social media strategies

Regardless of whether you have already integrated social media into your marketing and communication planning or whether this is still new territory: the right strategy is always decisive. Talk to us. Together we will find the right social media strategy for your company.

Step by step to the right one

Social media strategy

Why social media? Mostly to build relationships, build trust and customer proximity. But one thing is extremely important to social media: it is important to have staying power. Social media doesn’t work overnight. Social media are becoming increasingly complex, they are always on the move and evolve. Therefore, thorough planning is important and a partner who knows his way around. AR City Media is the right partner for your social media strategy .

Which goals?

What should be achieved: increase brand awareness? Find new customers? Communicate service? This has to be defined.

Which channel?

Is the target group active on Facebook or rather on Instagram? We analyze with you who the target group is and how you can enter into a dialogue with them.

Which content?

Good content is the be-all and end-all in social media. How do we reach the target group? When and how often do you have to post?

Proper resource planning

We can say it honestly: Social Media is a complex one Marketing tool. It takes time and therefore money to be successfully present here. Talk to us about a specific offer.

What does the competitor do?

How do the others do it? How do the competitors communicate with your target group, what kind of content does they post and how often? We also analyze this together with you and draw the right conclusions for your individual social media strategy.

Start now with AR City Media

We look forward to your inquiry and to developing an individual social media strategy for your success with you. Let’s get started together!

“The guys from AR City Media are very knowledgeable about social media. Together we developed a powerful strategy. ”

– Eurogida Berlin

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