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With an image film you show your company at its best. It’s about portraying your brand, your achievements, your products in a cinematic way. This creates sympathy and trust and, in the best case, your image film becomes the figurehead of your company.

We offer you a complete package of services for your image film:

– concept
– idea, concept, script
– filming from HD to Ultra-HD (4K)
– post-production
– professional synchronization
– Musical background

If desired and if sensible, also using drone recordings . Check out examples of image films .

Berlin’s largest supermarket chain for Turkish and oriental specialties relies on the video expertise of AR City Media. An example: the image video that we designed and implemented for Eurogida in 2016. The benefits of Eurogida are communicated vividly in three entertaining and excitingly filmed minutes.

The video with a likeable testimonial is entertaining and, above all, makes people want to enjoy it with absolutely appetizing food photos.



In addition to this image video, which has brought the Eurogida brand forward, we are also responsible for other cinematic implementations. For example, about seasonal offers in which current product highlights are highlighted in 30 seconds. Supported by a friendly and funny presenter.

We are currently working on new films and concepts for the successfully growing company, let yourself be surprised!

AR City Media knows how to address women!

For the Berlin company SKB, security and personal protection academy, we have already successfully implemented various videos ( can be seen here ). Most recently we had the task of communicating a special offer: the self-defense course for women.

It was of course a balancing act not to over-dramatize the current security situation here in Berlin, but to reproduce it realistically. The result was convincing: The film starts exciting, the young lady (we cast) walks through a park, is attacked – and can fight back, thanks to the SKB self-defense course, which she successfully completed!

The complete package for this film – idea, storyboard, the selection of the actors in front of the camera, the shoot, the soundtrack, the music and the editing – was our responsibility . And was produced on time!

By the way, the film ends with the invitation to take a free trial lesson. Numerous women responded to this request by clicking on the video on the SKB Facebook page!

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