Bfit-Bund relies on us to implement barrier-free websites and


The Federal Monitoring Center for Accessibility of Information Technology is responsible for ensuring the implementation of EU Directive 2102.

This guideline states that all public bodies in Germany must make their websites and apps
accessible from 2020. And the surveillance agency, or Bfit-Bund for short, and the federal accessibility agency help with this. All 16 federal states each have a position to enforce the EU directive.
This affects offices such as the social welfare office, the employment office or the tax office. In addition, large corporations and foundations, as well as social insurance such as
pension insurance or health insurance.
We have developed various explanatory videos for the communication of this complex topic. What was also new for us:
In addition to the usual moving image and sound, the explanatory videos were given an audio description, subtitles and they were provided with sign language.
The reason makes sense: The content of this video should be understandable for everyone . The whole thing is part of a Europe-wide campaign that is developing new ways to implement accessibility in the digital age and ultimately wants to ensure that Germany becomes digitally accessible!
If you need support, your website or an app to make it digitally accessible
– ask us about it!

Why accessibility?

Accessibility is important because barrier-free pages are used by search engines such as B. Google found better. Google only lists websites and apps that are accessible.
Accessibility is the key to many new customers. Why it is like that? People are getting older, so are Internet users. Many are becoming more convenient, want to order quickly or from anywhere on the Internet or to find out more. Accessible pages make this possible in every situation. For example through good contrasts and subtitles.
Accessibility ensures that websites are easy to use for everyone. Such websites are clear, pleasant in color and easy to read for everyone.
The future is digital and the future is barrier-free! Accessibility becomes the new standard and everyone benefits from it. For example in online trading and e-commerce. But also in everyday life, whether on the bus and train or in the healthcare sector.
Accessibility is an important competitive advantage for Germany and Europe. Therefore from 2020: Accessibility for everyone!

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