Project Immobilien

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A very special customer and a special task awaited us in cooperation with the company “Project Immobilien”.


As a real estate investor and builder of many projects all over Germany, Projekt Immobilien operates a number of projects in areas with a high proportion of foreigners, especially citizens of Turkish origin. So the question arose how to address German Turks in relation to buying property. This is where “AR City Media” came in.

We analyzed the buying behavior of the German Turks in the respective regions in which “Projekt Immobilien” operates and adapted our advertising campaigns specifically to their wishes. Since we as ethnomarketing specialists know exactly how migrants think and, above all, what values ​​and priorities they have, we were able to achieve quick successes with this knowledge. So we increased the interest and awareness of potential customers and made them aware of the company “Projekt immobilien”.

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In the months that followed, we were able to successfully contribute to investing exactly the desired target group in the apartments and construction projects of “Projekt Immobilien”.

In addition to our campaign concepts and their administration, we were also active in the area of ​​consulting and graphics. It was important to design content for fellow Turkish citizens. Be it text, photos, graphics or advertising banners. We took care of everything with one hand and turned it into a successful concept.

To this day, the proportion of Turkish-born customers of the company “Projekt Immobilien” is increasing. We are happy and proud of this achievement and are currently planning further. We keep you up to date in our blog, so please click here.

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% 22With AR City Media we have found the perfect ethnomarketing partner for us. Awesome collaboration!% 22

– Project Immobilien

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