Eurogida and AR City Media

Our so-called pilot project is called “Eurogida”. Started as a regional supermarket chain in Berlin, Eurogida chose us as a strategic marketing partner in 2014.

The objective was clear and ambitious: to make supermarkets attractive again and to open Turkish supermarkets to other ethnic groups through targeted ethno marketing.


In the following months we developed an interesting concept for the marketing of Eurogida. For example, the Eurogida cooking magazine was created, which is completely written and designed by us. Today over 100,000 customers read our magazine, which is multilingual in two languages, German and of course Turkish.

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We produce videos for Eurogida at regular intervals. For example, we present the various branches of Eurogida, but also offers and seasonal offers. The customer never gets bored and the Eurogida brand quickly became the number one Turkish supermarket in Berlin.

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Social media

We also completely manage Eurogida’s social media presence. The number of followers and interested parties rose steadily, so that Eurogida has become well-known far beyond Berlin. Through our multichannel marketing we have managed to establish Eurogida at the top of the market. Not only since yesterday, German customers have also been buying from Eurogida and thus massively strengthening the company’s sales.

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“The guys from AR City Media are very knowledgeable about social media. Together we developed a powerful strategy. ”

– Eurogida Berlin

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