The most important issue for everyone: Recruiting

The most important issue for everyone: Recruiting

Regardless of whether you run a small or large company and no matter in which industry: the topic of recruiting, i.e. recruitment, is current for everyone. In the growing competition for specialists and young people, it is becoming increasingly important to reach the right target groups and to address them convincingly.

“How do I find the trainee?” “Where can I reach the specialists I urgently need for my business?” These are the questions we have already dealt with for some of our customers. The correct answer is to keep one subject above all else: Individual Approach!

Therefore, for the success of your recruitment measures, it is important that we look at the market together and then decide how and where to look for the appropriate staff. Are we going to use classic job portals where we optimize your job offers, both visually and textually? Or will we develop a brand new approach; for example, organizing an event, launching a Facebook campaign, or producing a compelling and viral image video..

“Talk to us about recruiting, together we will work out a solution for your future personnel!”

Ali Yapici

CMO, AR City Media

Success Story of Cutman

For the Cutman hairdressing chain, we developed a video of just under one minute that shows the advantages of working at Cutman in a playful and sympathetic way.

In a very short time, the first applications started to come thanks to the video that runs on the Cutman website and is posted on Facebook and spreads rapidly

How we support the Federal Agency for Work with Ethno-Marketing

The Federal Employment Agency Berlin was looking for a way to increase its awareness among young people and young adults. And this is particularly the case with Turkish or Arab descent, who have not yet taken on the advice offered by the Federal Employment Agency.

The solution: We produced a video that reached this target group. The result was a professional film that reached over 900,000 users in a short time via targeted Facebook pages!

When does our joint project start?