Federal Employment Agency
relies on us even in the Corona crisis:

Explanatory video for applying for
short-time work

Theme: Short-time work

This spring 2020 is the most important issue for everyone and everywhere: the corona crisis. The virus not only endangers everyone’s health, it also and especially affects the companies. Therefore, the short-time work tool is now more important than ever. So that the companies can apply for short-time work as uncomplicated as possible, the Federal Employment Agency commissioned us to produce an explanatory video on the subject of short-time work.
We have a lot of experience with such explanatory videos, and we have already been able to do so several times in this regard support successfully. Our explanatory video on short-time work will surely reach six- to seven-digit clicks in no time. It is all the more important that the video does what it is supposed to do. Describe a complex situation briefly and clearly.

In just over five and a half minutes, the video provides step-by-step instructions on how companies can apply for short-time work. In the illustrated animation style, two characters, a woman and a man, lead through the film. A speaker voice explains the individual steps. The content is about showing exactly and precisely how to fill out the forms that are necessary to apply for short-time work. There are two ways of doing this, the postal route and filling it out online.
The so-called “notification of absence from work” can be downloaded from the website of the Federal Employment Agency
. The explanatory video clearly shows how to fill out the paper form and what has to be considered. Particularly important features are highlighted with a magnifying glass, for example important fields are shown enlarged.

Why explanatory videos?

fast and easy

complex content is clearly presented

entertaining and popular

100% individually produced for you