website and explanatory video for the miners

We demonstrated our claim to think in campaigns and to offer “big”, that means holistic communication solutions, in a project for the miners.

The nationwide statutory health insurance company based in Bochum relied on us to develop a new web platform for its own members.

The website is used as an intranet and media platform for all Knappschaft employees. The aim of the project is to strengthen the team building
and to promote the exchange of members from the different regions.


What happens on the page?

About us area

there are regular competitions

Knappschaft employees are introduced

a separate podcast informs about the Knappschaft

is informed about events

Questions can be asked in a chat area

Our services for this project:

“We developed this website
in detail over several months, always in close cooperation
with the customer.”

Conceptual advice

Website design based on the corporate design



Permanent maintenance and management of the site

Explanatory video (idea and production)

Short, crisp, creative: the explanatory video

The second building block with which we supported the miners’ stock
was the development of an explanatory video. You can see that here.
Check it out, the video is really funny.
In 40 seconds a virtual miners’ employee explains what it is all about at www.unsereknappschaft . de goes.