The Eberswalde job center also relies on our
explanatory video

Good to know: The optimal length for an explanatory video
is 60 to 90 seconds!

We have shown that
animated explanatory videos are a good means of communicating
information in an entertaining and memorable manner (e.g. for Betten
or Measure.

The Eberswalde job center was also interested in
our expertise in explanatory videos.
We demonstrated this with the video
that we used as part of a communication concept for the
Jobcenter Berlin had produced.

In dem Video werden die Online-Leistungen der Behörde vorgestellt,
die unter zu erreichen ist.

There, for example, you can digitally process change notifications.
Services can be requested online or a new address, a new account details and much more can be communicated without having to personally go to the
job center .
If you have to submit additional documents, you can simply
scan them in or take pictures with your mobile phone and then upload them.

The explanatory video explains these advantages in a clear and entertaining manner and was so well received that the Job Center Eberswalde now became aware of them. After
some individual adjustments by our graphics department – the typical Berlin subways were replaced by the typical Eberswalde trolleybuses – the job center there was also able to use the explanatory video on their website.

Why explainer videos?

fast and easy

complex content is clearly presented

entertaining and popular

100% individually produced for you

In addition to the video, we have designed a social media campaign for the Job Center Eberswalde. This campaign aims to publicize the new digital service and to generate more traffic on the agency’s website.

When does our joint project start?