Everyone talks about them
We let them talk about you:

Which channel is the right one?

Of course we have to decide that together with you.
A rule of thumb:
Most influencers use multiple channels in parallel.
There they place their respective messages. Experience has shown that Instagram and YouTube are the best platforms for influencer marketing so far.

SEO & Visibility

Content Production

Branding Boost

Account Management

For those who do not know (exactly): Influencers are people who have a strong presence and generally have a high reputation in social networks. This makes them ideal for marketing products. Influencer marketing means that you specifically target thought leaders with a wide-reaching community for your marketing and communication purposes. The goal is obvious: your (potential) target group trusts the influencers and thus your brand, your products, your services.

For successful influencer marketing, you need to win brand or product advocates who are experts in certain subject areas. In this way influencers influence the evaluation and assessment of your products, services, your brands, your company.

What can AR City Media do for you here?

Social media is our terrain. We are at home on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and so. Therefore we can advise you where, how and with whom you could best do influencer marketing. And you don’t have to worry: the risk is minimal. Of course, we extensively test all the measures we propose to you. That’s the nice thing about social media (where influencer marketing takes place): You can measure and quickly evaluate all data – and thus the benefits of your marketing measures.

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