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Storyline – The Serious Side of Life: We brought that to the cinema

We all know about the seriousness of life. This annoyed us as a phrase when we were young and when our parents, aunts, grandpas or teachers reminded us of it. “Soon the seriousness of life begins, then you can no longer hang around, chill, mess, go steep, party, be lazy / undisciplined / irresponsible / reckless etc.”

Oh, yes. We get it; nobody loves the serious side of life. And that is exactly why we chose it as a basic point when the Federal Employment Agency Berlin asked us for a creative idea for the topic of recruiting. “The seriousness of life” is the title of the cinema spot that we developed and produced for the Federal Employment Agency from A to Z. So the result was absolutely impressive not only for us, but also for our client. And here is the story.

The task was as follows: As with many authorities – and companies as well – the topic of recruiting is at the top of the agenda at the Federal Employment Agency. Young adults have to be addressed directly in order to get them interested in an apprenticeship or a dual study program at the Federal Employment Agency. But how can you reach this target group?

As an agency that is knowledgeable in the field of recruiting, we have proposed a cinema spot for this purpose. This was linked to other measures, such as free cards which were distributed in the cinemas where the commercial was running, or available to take away. However, it should had been a cinema spot that could be anything but: Boring.

After we were able to win the customer over to this approach, we went into the idea generation phase (see here). “The serious side of life” soon emerged from various ideas as a favorite. The story: A young man rolls around in his bed in restless dreams. He is afraid, something is coming, a threat, a danger: The seriousness of life. We show this young man in his bedroom. Speaking of the young man; we researched and suggested the actor and he really fits this role perfectly! This is the first part of the film.

After the film’s dramatic climax, the action changes. A friendly gentleman from the Federal Employment Agency literally takes our young hero by the hand and calms him down. With him and his authority there is no reason to fear the seriousness of life. He outlines to the young gentleman the various possibilities to lay the foundation for a successful professional career at the Federal Employment Agency.

The hero of the spot is satisfied and convinced. And when he says goodbye to the friendly gentleman from the agency, he can not help himself from laughing. Because he sees the name written on the door and this man is none other than Mr. Ernst.

The spot is staged quickly and keeps its tension. And one of the most crucial points of this acclaimed spot is its voice over. Dwayne Johnson’s German voice stunt Ingo Albrecht’s voice gives the spot more credibility. This prominent voice gives the spot the finishing touch. We are proud that we were able to win this prominent speaker for our project.

“AR City Media completely convinced us with its ethno marketing ideas for social media. The recruiting film that we developed together is such a success!”

– Federal Employment Agency

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