To be honest, we were proud when we were waiting for the train at the subway station
on our way to Berlin-Mitte recently
and looked at the screens on the rails because it is one of our last productions there. There was!
So how did that production get there? Here’s the story behind it: We’ve already implemented a series successful work
for the recruitment agency and have worked several times We
specialize in ‘recruiting’. Young professionals and how to best find them
currently concerns almost all companies and officials.
There is a trade fair called “Jobaktiv 2019” organized for this purpose. On Monday, September 9 and Tuesday, September 10,
from 10:00 to 17:00, over 50 well-known companies from various sectors
are at the “Berlin’s big business fair” They will introduce themselves.
www.jobaktivmesse for this purpose.
Also offers practical help, like
checking an application portfolio, lectures and workshops, as well as the opportunity to take professional practice photos
with color and style advice,
anyone interested is about the wide range of products.
can learn more.

It goes without saying that we’ve programmed this website in a “responsive design”,
that is, it is best viewed on all devices accessed. Especially the young generation
, which is the target audience of the fair, lives with a smart phone and therefore the site should be especially mobile. And of course this site
also provides this.
We also developed a short
animation video for the Jobaktiv fair, which we also saw at the
subway station we mentioned above. In a fun and engaging 35 seconds, the exhibition is presented to visitors
The most important program elements of the fair are staged playfully
and at the end a call to action is made that leads to the website of the fair.
The video is now shown on screens at many Berlin metro stations,
we naturally hope many people in the area
will go to Jobaktiv 2019.
With explanatory videos, websites or complete packages
Are you also interested? Then contact us.
We look forward to developing your project with you.