Want to offer your products or the service your company represents to a specific target group, eg. Turks, Muslims or immigrants, but don’t know how to reach them? Talk to us! As Ethno-Marketing experts, we know how your ads will work for (German) Turks or how to reach Muslims through advertising.

Have you heard or read terms like Ramadan Marketing or Halal Marketing, Intercultural Marketing or Intercultural Marketing, but don’t have a clear idea of ​​what they mean? All of these terms are derivatives of ethnic / ethno-marketing and mean appealing to consumers whose culture is different from the marketer’s own. Ethno-marketing in Germany refers to marketing for Turks or marketing for immigrants.

As an experienced ethno-marketing and consulting agency, we will be happy to show you how this differs from traditional methods.

Discover the opportunities ethno-marketing offers you here.