Versatile Service in Many Languages: Our Campaign for

Job center services are packaged online at There you can use a variety of services easily, conveniently and securely: You can submit additional license applications or fill in your change notifications directly.
Personal mailbox functionality and job exchange are also available.

We have prepared various explanatory videos for in order to present all these services briefly and clearly. These explainer videos are for anyone who requests service from the business center. To make it work even smoother, we have now implemented these explanatory videos in Turkish and Arabic. Other languages are also planned. There will also be Russian, Polish, Vietnamese, English and Romanian versions of the explainer videos. This is a very good service for business centers that want to make their services accessible to everyone. And it’s a good opportunity to test our ethno-marketing know-how.

Explanatory videos became part of a comprehensive communication campaign we launched for in 2019. We have created a holistic package, starting from the design of the logo, to the many printed advertising materials and the graphic application of various trade fair materials.

We have developed a brochure for explainer videos. All the explanatory videos we have developed for are briefly presented in this brochure. Also a QR code directs readers directly to the explanatory video.

As a result, a broad and well-connected campaign in which we combine our strengths in a meaningful way:
explanatory videos, ethno-marketing and digital marketing in one versatile package for