If you are going to the movies in Berlin and Brandenburg in the near future, you should definitely not miss the pre-film commercials. Because you’ll probably see the latest Movie spot , which we developed for the Federal Employment Agency. By the way, we are proud of it.

Background of this spot: Recruiting We have already developed a number of solutions for the Federal Employment Office as in many other studies, again trusts our knowledge and creativity in this field.

Project: Attracting young people and young adults to study at the Federal Employment Office. As always, the most important fundamental questions were: How will we reach this target audience? And how do we address them? This time our choice was a movie spot .

Our copywriter developed several ideas to create the project: For example, a spot where a (penniless) influencer and a contented intern are side by side. Or a spot where the target group is shown in typical situations that are surprisingly exaggerated and fun: in group selfies everyone falls into a pit.

However, he won the contest titled “The Seriousness of Life”. We all know that our parents, teachers and relatives always come to us with words expressing the “seriousness of life” when we do not act according to our age, right? We staged this seriousness in the form of a horror movie trailer. The ‘seriousness’ in the bad role was approaching a young man. An escape, a spooky, overwhelming atmosphere, music to match, and lots of spooky accessories… Oh, watch this spot for yourself:

For this spot, we have created a complete package for our client: From creative idea and storyboard to casting, namely casting, from a detailed (!) production to post-production that is at least as detailed …

We also adjusted the external voice, the speaker, for the spot. And what a sound! We convinced a real celebrity like Ingo Albrecht who is known as the dubbing voice of Dwayne Johnson. Thus, we completed the final touch to the film with his unique wonderful voice.

We think the result has been quite impressive and our customer is very satisfied with it. We have given you enough information about this study. It’s time to go to the movies and watch him on XXL screen. We are also looking forward to seeing the ad and welcome your comments if you see the ad.