An exciting trade fair begins in Kosmos Berlin: The so-called “Total Dual” fair is organized by the Berlin Süd recruitment agency. Bilateral work programs will be discussed at the fair between 13:00 and 17:00 on August 27, 2019. The target audience of the fair is young people interested in dual training, as well as companies that want to appear there as exhibitors for recruitment. More than 50 companies and universities from the Berlin area present themselves here.

AR City Media team is proud to be able to develop the complete communication concept for the trade show this year. The cooperation between the agency and Federal Employment Office is constantly growing. As the results convinced everyone involved, the comprehensive package was entrusted to us.

Once again, we did everything we could to ensure that A to Z communication was consistent and engaging. Of course, everything ends just in time and the foundation of a successful trade fair is laid.

Let’s take a look at everything that belongs to the trade fair package: First of all, we developed a distinctive identification symbol for the trade fair. Our graphic designers worked closely with the customer to create the “Total Dual” logo. The logo was designed in a nice ‘handwritten’ font, with a “dual” two-color scheme and an independent shape.

Logo is featured in all the media we have developed for the concept: on posters to promote the fair, as well as in an eight-page brochure distributed at the fair where all relevant information is clearly and clearly explained to the target audience of students and companies.

The logo then greets visitors on the home page of the website . ” We completely redesigned the website for “Total Dual”. So, the design of the site, as well as the web design, as well as the programming, hosting and permanent maintenance of the site was our sole responsibility – of course always in consultation with the client. Of course, we have not neglected “responsive”, meaning sensitive design; this makes the page appearance ideal for all mobile devices.

The most prominent element for us, as well as for the Federal Employment Agency and the “Total Dual” website was the animation video we prepared specifically for the fair. In just over a minute, all the facts about the trade fair are presented in an intense and clear, fun and graphically exciting way. Thus, we arouse interest in the idea of ​​”working in pairs”!

So what will happen now? Will the masses start flowing? We can’t wait to be live there!