THCG Kampanyası

THCG – Four Letters, Thousands of Winners!

Tell the truth; Have you ever heard of THCG? We just learned.
Its meaning is “Participation Opportunities Law”.
Behind this imposing term is a law that the federal government launched in early 2019 and has a clear purpose. The goal is to turn long-term unemployed back into paid employees.

What does THCG have to do with us?
So we supported this law with a comprehensive communication package.

The client of the campaign was the Federal Employment Office / Berlin-Brandenburg District Office.
They reached out to us to introduce the THCG to the relevant target groups. The target groups here are companies that need to find workers for their activities with this new law.

So the slogan of the communication campaign was “A new beginning – two winners”.
So why “two winners”?
Of course, not only long-term unemployed people but also companies benefit from this campaign. Employers, from florists to gastronomy, handicrafts to office work, should be encouraged to give an unemployed person the chance to restart their career within the framework of the THCG.


First of all, they are getting reinforcement workforce for their companies. Second, the risks are minimal because the job center can take over 100% of the new employee’s salary for two years!

These benefits and all details of THCG are fully presented on the campaign website. Take a look at the one-page document at and you can see that we have fully developed and implemented it. The concept, text, graphics and programming came from AR City Media.

You can also see the explanatory video we prepared for this campaign on the

website. In a well-evaluated 60 seconds, the entrepreneurs who are greeted as “Welcome Winner” learn about the advantages presented in a short and above all fun way.

In addition, the communication package for THCG includes printed posters placed at train stations, and these refer to the campaign website with various entrepreneurs as a reference.

As social media experts, we have also made sure to promote the campaign on Facebook and Instagram to generate as much traffic as possible for the website

A powerful, versatile package, isn’t it? As a small note, let’s say that we have implemented all these works in record time this summer. 😉