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SKB and AR City Media

The SKB, a renowned guard and personal protection academy in Berlin, trains its participants to be security guards. The training program is very diverse: safety specialist, mobile safety specialist, driver training, first aid course and weapon expertise.


We designed our advertising campaign for SKB in such a way that the Facebook presence was initially established. We have targeted advertisements to arouse the interest of the potential target group. After some Facebook users had registered with the SKB, the time was ripe for target group-specific advertising videos. The image video shows sequences of the training program and the training facility so that the potential participant gets an overview of the expected program.


Another advertising video illustrates practice-oriented scenes in which emergencies and the training units are shown. In addition, a video was produced specifically for women on the subject of self-defense. Well-known German dubbing voices were used. The SKB company rapidly gained popularity with our marketing strategy, which was reflected in the sales figures.


Social media

Here you can see how our video productions are received by interested parties. We have been managing SKB’s Facebook page for around 3 years.


“We were happy to put the care of our Facebook pages in the hands of AR City Media. They know how to reach and address interested parties for us.”

– SKB Akademie Berlin

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