We made a new movie and we tried a lot of
lots of beds for it. Sounds exciting, right? It was. But
not the way you probably think …
What are we talking about? From the Di-Lara furniture store in Reinickendorf, which produces great beds in the heart of Berlin, of course.
Base beds,
upholstered beds, mattresses, etc. Feature of this company: The individual components of the mattresses are not only assembled here
in Berlin, they are also originally produced here! This gives
absolutely high quality and custom made individual beds.
Great business!
Of course we discovered this on site;
we were in the middle of production. We admired many craftsmen who sew wood or mattresses or make CNC.
A great mix of craft and technology and a hardworking team.
And of course we were in the showroom full of various beds that you will admire.
(yes, we lie down on some beds for a while, they are incredibly comfortable).
After seeing everything, the subject was clear in our minds:
We will be back with our camera crew. Because Di-Lara has commissioned us to make a
film about the brand.
As you know, this is our
one of our strongest points.

We did not settle for a single video and prepared two videos for Di-Lara. First a two-minute
two-minute explanatory video
Then we created a shorter image video.
We used an innovative style: The video starts with animated sequences,
followed by the scenes we shot live on the site.
This video,
is a very cheerful and entertaining, intriguingly about premium beds and a explainer movie
exactly as it should be. It was the movie.
The campaign got off to a good start and the traffic
on the website increased significantly. The next step was to do with the site: Convert online visitors into customers.
Here explanatory video , and here you can see the partially animated image video .
The production was really fun. Now we know where to buy a new bed
and we can only recommend you to stop by Reinickendorf.
di-lara.de .