The issue of “Halal” plays an increasing role in food marketing in Germany. Not only because of population growth – about 4.5 million Muslims live in the country; In other words, 5.5% of the total population wants to eat halal food. Compared to those who completely avoid animal ingredients in their food, this is a huge number. For comparison, we can look at the figure: Just over 1% of people in this country, about 900,000 people, eat vegan.

However, there is an impression that veganism has already reached half of society. Consequently, every supermarket now has offers for this audience. However, it is really difficult to find “halal products” other than those that appeal to the eastern or Turkish community such as Eurogida. Many brands do not use this “tag” yet, and even if they do, they are hesitant and hesitant to reflect their halal certificate. Just like the Swiss chocolate company Toblerone did. And this of course causes controversy.

However, the “halal” aspect can present a real opportunity to reach new customers and indeed target groups with high purchasing power. If you want to know more about this topic, you can talk to us. We are happy to show you new ways of marketing to Muslim groups.