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Our Data Protection Services

Our main goal and vision is to create a strong awareness of how companies and entrepreneurs handle personal and sensitive data. Our aim is above all to create customized and practical concepts that are tailored to the customer and provide legal protection for companies that go beyond the legal requirements.

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We also pay attention to a practical and problem-free integration into business operations, so that companies save time and money above all

Data Protection Inventory

  • Data protection Audit
  • Creation of Recommendations for Action
  • Individual Audit Report

Data Protection Documentation (GDPR)

  • DSO Platform for Creating a Processing Directory
  • DSO Platform for The Creation of Technical-Organizational Measures (TOM)
  • Annual Activity Report

Other Inclusive Services

  • Data Protection Concept
  • Employee Training
  • Employee Commitment to Data Secrecy
  • Data Protection Expert Seal

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Our Data Protection Packages


GDPR Website Analysis

You are a sole proprietor or a small business owner and you have to make your website GDPR secure, but you don’t know how? Are you lacking insight into the implementation of the GDPR requirements? Can’t find a suitable solution and all offers are too expensive? You will receive our AV templates and a pre-filled directory of procedures and the most important data protection compliant plugins for your website plus a 15 minute consultation. You do not need any previous knowledge of data protection law or IT know-how. Come start now, before you receive the first warning.


With the all-round care-free package for your data protection "no more worries".

You are an individual or small business owner and have to implement the GDPR but don’t know how? Are you lacking insight into the implementation of the GDPR requirements? Can’t find a suitable solution and all offers are too expensive? This inexpensive online course gives you a step-by-step instruction in various modules on how to implement the GDPR safely in your company – and all this really easily and in the shortest possible time. In the 6 modules you will get to know the requirements and how to implement them. You will receive our templates and a pre-filled list of procedures. You do not need any previous knowledge of data protection law or IT know-how. Start now before you receive the first warning. In addition, you order our experts as your data protection officer; we analyze your company by means of an online inspection. We create a data protection audit including recommendations for action and, as the largest USP, we assume liability for you up to € 2,000,000.


The "Premium" GDPR Package

Have data protection done inexpensively, effectively and in a targeted manner by a certified data protection officer. We take over the complete data protection management and you sit back. We handle the data protection inventory including a data protection audit, preparation of recommendations for action, as well as an individual audit report. We take care of the data protection documentation, create the data protection concept, conduct the employee training for 20+ people and we take care of the employee commitment to data secrecy. So that you can continue to work without to get warning. Book the “Premium GDPR” package now.

Our Expert

Passionate, authentic, inspiring

Miró Neumann

Miró Neumann

Data Protection Expert

My name is Miró Neumann and I help companies, SMEs and startups to acquire new customers easily, effectively and most importantly in compliance with data protection regulations.

My expertise is to carry out a data protection compliant sales and to help entrepreneurs to win new customers safely.

The success of my training and coaching is based on my learned know-how in different industries and markets, as well as with different people from all areas. As a Diplom BW, I gained my professional knowledge from one of the largest bike chain stores in Germany and was able to gather a lot of know-how in marketing and sales. As a business consultant with a focus on start-up coaching, I accompanied many founders into self-employment. With the foundation of the world’s first online trade fair for shoes, as well as the first shoe trade fair for fashion retail, I gained a lot of experience in building and managing an innovative start-up, dealing with customers and exchanging data worldwide. Most recently, I worked for one of the largest franchise systems in the world as a business coach. There I also included the topic of data protection, which I have been implementing with my own agency across Germany for a few months now, helping companies to save time and money in the area of ​​sales and data protection save.

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