Unfortunately)Explanatory Video on a Hot Topic for the Federal Employment Agency:
Short Term Work

Federal Agency Animation Video

Subject: Short Term Work

The Federal Employment Agency has long
relied on our communication skills.
Now, even in the corona process. Unfortunately, this time the topic is more current and important than ever.
Our video explaining the short-time work must reach
six to seven digit click numbers as soon as possible. And it will definitely arrive.
It is much more important for the video to reach its intended purpose:
To explain a complex subject as succinctly and clearly as possible.

We have a lot of experience with this kind of explainer video
and we have successfully supported the Federal Employment Agency on this issue several times.
And our current task is to produce a new explanatory video about one of the most pressing issues
, in an environment that now dominates our lives: How can companies whose existence is threatened by the corona crisis
apply for short-term work?
We have developed a video for this topic slightly longer than five and a half minutes.
(descriptive videos are usually shorter, but here it had to be very detailed for adequate explanation of the topic). Step-by-step instructions on the application they can make were given.

& nbsp;

Two characters, a man and a woman, in an illustrated animation style,
guide you through the movie.
An external voice explains the individual steps.
Video content shows how to fill out the necessary forms
completely and correctly to apply for short-term study.
And there are two ways to do this, via postal route and online filling.
The form called “Absenteeism at Workplace Notice” can be downloaded from the Federal Employment Agency website.
Explanatory video, how to fill out the paper form
and clearly shows what needs attention.
Particularly important details are highlighted with a magnifying glass
and important areas are shown enlarged.

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An important movie in these difficult times!
If you think we can make an explanatory film for you as well
or we can support you in any other way,
please contact us.
We are always here for you!