Today we want to use a current example to show how we work in AR City Media.

The phone rings on Tuesday morning. In fact, we have a good client in the insurance industry with whom we have been working for a long time. “Hi, we want to make our mortgage offers clearer. Do you have any idea how we can do it?”

Of course we have. After the customer has stated in more detail who he wants to reach, the job soon becomes clear: a Radio Spot is the right way to get the offer to the target group. Therefore, the challenge is to present the offer as effectively as possible in a compact 30 seconds.

Now what’s next? We sit down as a team, discuss the topic with our creative minds, lay down the first ideas, add-remove, develop and develop new ones until different ideas arise.
Then text the author develops multiple points that express this “raw” idea in different ways. Like this: A couple is talking about next summer. While the woman wants to go on vacation, the man says that they “have no money for the holiday” until he finds out that they can save by restructuring their loans.


Idea 1:


“Vacation time”

The scene begins as a dialogue, followed by a speaker with the call to action.

A couple is sitting at the table. The woman wants to plan the summer vacation but worries that they won’t be able to afford it.

The man looks cool since he knows the solution …


“Oh my love, everyone will be on vacation soon,


they will enjoy the sun and the beach. Just except us… “

Man: “Why, dearest?”

“Because of our house’s credit!

The money we pay every month… “

Man: “Just a sec, haven’t I told you yet? Now we can restructure our loan. Because it will be 10 years soon! ”
Lady: “Really?”
Man: “Of course, Aziz Akseki from LVM told me the other day. He gave me really great advice. ”
Lady: “Hooray! Wait for us summer vacation.. “
Speaker: Would you like personal advice on mortgage loan, other loans and debt restructuring? Then come to us. As LVM insurance agency Aziz Akseki, we offer you personal advice:

We get the customer to speak for himself in another ad spot. He explains many technical terms in a confident and approachable way, and finally explains who he is: a close partner you can save with.

Idea 2:

“We make your life easier!”

A confident speaker explains the construction finance issue in a calm voice.

Perhaps Aziz Akseki will speak himself in the spot…


„Construction financing. Equity. Interest rate. Rescheduling. Loan amount. Fixed interest rate. Effective interest rate. Follow-up financing.

Sounds complicated, right?

But things are not that difficult when you have a partner who can give you good advice on all matters related to your real estate financing.

LVM Insurance Agency Aziz Akseki is the partner you are looking for. We advise you from A to Z with refinancing and also restructuring after 10 years. Thus, you always enjoy the most appropriate financing.

Construction related questions: LVM insurance agency Aziz Akseki will assist you. You can find us at “Let’s drink to debt restructuring!”

Two other ideas involve friends discussing the mortgage loan issue with each other in a lounge bar or focusing on the important number “10” in a unique way.

Idea 3:

Man: “Dude, I look at the mouth’s ears, no, what are we celebrating?”

“Okay dear, order here too, I invite you.

Because I reconfigured it! “”

Man: “You did what?”

“I paid it back. The loan we received for our apartment.

Dude, what I am saving from interest now, it’s crazy … ”

Man: „Great. Was it all that easy? ”

“Yes, I also got some great advice. From LVM

Insurance agent Aziz Akseki is just around the corner. ”

(You can hear the glasses clinking)

Adam: “Oh, congratulations! Let’s drink to restructuring then! ”

Do you want personal advice on debt restructuring? Then come to us. As LVM insurance agency Aziz Akseki, we provide you with personalized advice:

& nbsp;

Idea 4:

“10 Years”

This spot focuses entirely on the 10-year period during which a building loan can be rescheduled.


Man: “Did you know?

10 years: The minimum amount of time you have to attend school in Germany.

10 years: The longest time you have to pay your mortgage at the final interest rate.

Because reconstruction after 10 years is your right.

Reconstruction financing is possible. And then you can take advantage of more favorable conditions and get real savings.

Talk to LVM insurance agent Aziz Akseki and we’ll advise you on debt reorganization and all your other mortgage-related questions.

LVM insurance agency Aziz Akseki is with you now and 10 years later: ”

The result of our efforts: Our customer is enthusiastic. And it is full of ideas. Now his only challenge is to decide on an idea. Of course, we will stand by him with our advice and actions in this regard.

And even after that we offer it the full program. All in all, we are Audio Productions and let the customer We will support it up to studio production and media planning with 360 ° service.

We look forward to the ongoing implementation of this project and will keep you updated on developments. Click here again later to follow the updates.