Another Authority Trust Us: Facebook Support for Barnim Job Center


Barnim Job Center, the employment agency in Eberswalde, uses social media to communicate with job seekers.
And of course AR City Media’s know-how lately. ..

In the Brandenburg district, an hour away from Berlin, there is a population of just over 40,000, for which the Barnim business center is responsible. The job center is using the Facebook page .

Advice and Action

We, at AR City Media, as social media experts, support the institution in managing and maintaining the site. We deal with all technical issues regarding the site, but we also work with the Business Center to improve the content. We have developed a detailed plan for postings, which we always coordinate with current issues. We also care about the visuals of the postings.

Your Site? Our Site!

We also produce a lot of animated explainer videos for the job center and update them with content on the Facebook page. Account management is entirely in the hands of AR City Media, which relieves Barnim business center employees who have the opportunity to focus entirely on their customers.

As a result, as expected from a full-service agency, we offer the authorities an extremely comfortable all-round package.

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