There is a fundamental problem faced by many companies and authorities: They have a variety of services that cater well to their target audience, but have difficulty communicating this to people quickly and effectively.

The ideal tool to help them on this is animated explanatory videos . From our experience as communication professionals. This form is becoming more and more popular right now, and the reasons for this are clear. Explanatory videos are enjoyable and entertaining for the audience. And they are suitable for many different topics. You can promote the products with animated explanatory videos. You can use it to show technical processes. You can even serve customers with explanatory videos.

This is exactly what we are doing for Berlin Job Center !

So what is this study about? Our aim is to introduce the Berlin Job Center’s online service and its services ; to show job seekers that they can benefit from this address while doing digital research about the services of the Job Center.

We used the animated explainer video for this purpose. We created a short spot of about 1 minute that presents the new service features in a visually appealing and plain language.

What exactly are our services and how do we do it? We first sit down with our client and clarify the content to be communicated in detail. Then we develop a storyboard. After this is fully coordinated with the customer, production begins. The graphics department uses images, they are animated, and finally, the video is accompanied by sound, ie sounds, music and / or narration, depending on how and where the video is used.

Of course, this was not just what we did to support the Berlin Job Center. We have also created a complete communications package that will make Job Center’s new online service known. DIN A6 postcards with funny, striking motif “Icke klicke” were used as a quick information tool to spark interest. Large format floor graphics were also used as additional media designed in campaign view.

The A3 format floor stickers grab the viewer’s attention in an unconventional location and together with a stunning QR code, it specifically refers to the website Labels in other formats and a variety of posters in A2 format complete the pack.

Are you interested in explanatory videos? Then contact us. We look forward to building your project with you.